Pour Un Flirt Avec Toi Daydream Believers "Flirt"   

Kandyno de Costalina x Now Remember My Name Daydream Believers

Born 2867 days ago, on Jul 20 2016 and 7 years old.

RBIS Puppy St Petersburg winter show '16
BIS3 puppy St Petersburg witnershow 16
RBIS Puppy Luxembourg International Dogshow '17
Amsterdam Junior Winner and BOS '17

5 months old flirt winning in Russia
5 months old Flirt in Russia
3 months old Flirt
4 months Eurodogshow Kortrijk
10 months old flirt bathtime
1 year old Flirt
4 months old
8 weeks old
8,5 months old Flirt
3 months old Flirt
4 months old Flirt
1 year old Flirt Leeds Ch show
1 year old Flirt
RBIS puppy Luxembourg '17
Blog posts

RBIS Breeders Group Swedish Winner Stockholm

Only the third time out in the Breeders Group competition for Daydream Believers papillons but yet another great succes! Another time BOB Breeders Group (World Dogshow Leipzig '17 and European Dogshow...

Clean sweep at French nationals

Fantastic results for our whole Daydream Believers / De Costalina team! Entered in 9 different classes and we won them all! Maya and Carina are new French junior champions, Odrija , Opal and Dylan be...


In a record time of a month, and enterd in only 3 shows our smallest girl Pour Un Flirt Avec Toi Daydream Believers 'FLIRT' gained her French title after winning last month the CACS at French National...

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