Paris WDS & Championnat de France 2011

Some news from the World Dogshow 2011 in Paris. Our weekend started super with some nice wins and 2 new French champions.
On Friday our Pomeranian puppy was BOB puppy and even got RBIS puppy.  On Saturday both Pojke and Noah won the CAC.
Noah even went BOB in championat de France under Mr. Blangino. Later on that evening we heard that my daughter and her boyfriend were celebrating as well.
Their Australian shepherd won Puppy World champion, BOB puppy and was in top 6 BIS puppy at the world dog show. (www.daydreambelievers.be)
Sunday started well with Pojke becoming Best male -2.5kg again and Noah winning open class male + 2.5kg with and entry of 27 males.
But then something went terribly wrong. Due to a lack of knowledge of the ring stewards, they handed out the world championship title without letting pojke compete.
The ring stewards ling-up 4 dogs of +2,5kg  ( Intermaidiarre , Open,  Junior & Champion class, but in France the Junior & Champion class never cane win the CAC, and the judge give direct the CACIB & World Winner titlle) So go have win the CAC? Way the -2.5kg class didn’t compete against the best male of +2,5kg for the World Winner Tittle?
Of course I was extremely angry. It’s only a dog show, but let’s please not forget all the work and time exhibitors put in coming to the show.
Let’s not even mention how expensive the entry fee was and people having to pay hotel costs in Paris.
But for me the worse thing was not able to show this gorgeous papillon to the audience around the ring.
And our little boy sure looked stunning that day being in top condition.
I do want to apologize to everyone for the delay and chaos I might have caused.
For many people it might have seemed that I was a bad loser, but that was simply not what was going on.
I already said it on Sunday , many congrats to the World Winner 2011 who is a very flashy boy. Well done!
Now about what happened, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. We sure will be back on the next editions, fighting like a Flemish lion again.


14 Jul 2011

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