Tino in Russia, 4 CAC, 4 BOB, 3 BIG, 1RBIG and BIS3

We got the most excited news from Russia!  New handling member of our showteam Sofja Telesh send us mail with fantastic news, Not only did our little Kandyno de costalina 'TINO' take CAC and Best Of breed, he also went all the way for  Best in Group and BIS-3 under breed judge Mr Bilskiy (Rus) and group-BIS judge Mr Verbitskiy (RUS).

At another show in Russia the regional Sint-Petersburg show Tino and Sofja took another CAC, BOB and RBIG.  Breed judge: Mrs Gachina, Group judge: Ivanischeva

At his Third Sint-Petersburg show. little tino took CAC, BOB and BIG under judges Mrs Ovsyannikova.

And last but not least we ended the Sint-¨Pëtersburg tour with another CAC, BOB and BIG under judge Mrs M. Groselj.

What a way to start his tour!!!   Thank you so much Sofja for your hard work with him!