BISS Baby for KING

Very proud on our youngest! The last show entered as baby our Daydream Believers Lion King took Best of Breed Baby and BISS baby!!!  judge for today was Mrs Degryze (BE) who had some extremely nice words about our baby!   very proud!!!!!

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Jun 23, 2013

King, Hawaii & Charlotte making fun and chasing their ball!

Posted by Jens Goessens on Jun 23, 2013

Our little Vegas, available for his perfect home!

For more information about him, feel free to contact us!

Posted by Jens Goessens on Jun 23, 2013

National Dogshow Lommel (Belgium)

Finally summer is in the country! What a perfect moment to go to the national dogshow of Lommel. This years judge was Mr Van Raamsdonk and of course we are very happy with the results he have us! It was first time out for Keep Amused De Costalina 'Aqua' in Intermediate class. And we went home with 1ex, RCAC, Reserve Best Male.  As the winner is allready belgian champion, we will get his full first point towards his belgian championship title.  In females our guest girl was with me in the ring for the very first time. And what could we wish for more . The little red princess Tempramentia Joie De Vivre 'Iisa' took 1ex in Champion class, CAC and BOS!   This means she also started her Belgian championship title!  We hope  to share more news with you soon!

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Jun 9, 2013

Tino in Russia, 4 CAC, 4 BOB, 3 BIG, 1RBIG and BIS3

We got the most excited news from Russia!  New handling member of our showteam Sofja Telesh send us mail with fantastic news, Not only did our little Kandyno de costalina 'TINO' take CAC and Best Of breed, he also went all the way for  Best in Group and BIS-3 under breed judge Mr Bilskiy (Rus) and group-BIS judge Mr Verbitskiy (RUS).

At another show in Russia the regional Sint-Petersburg show Tino and Sofja took another CAC, BOB and RBIG.  Breed judge: Mrs Gachina, Group judge: Ivanischeva

At his Third Sint-Petersburg show. little tino took CAC, BOB and BIG under judges Mrs Ovsyannikova.

And last but not least we ended the Sint-¨Pëtersburg tour with another CAC, BOB and BIG under judge Mrs M. Groselj.

What a way to start his tour!!!   Thank you so much Sofja for your hard work with him!




Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Jun 1, 2013

Welcome to the new Guest

We have been waiting for months now to share this super news with our friends all over the world!  A thing of beauty is a joy forever! And when we see a pretty dog somewhere for sure we are attracted to it!  We are very honoured that Tiia Peura from Tempramentia papillons is entrusting us with two of her finest beauties!  Welcome Tempramentia Jeu 'MISKA' and Tempramentia Joie De Vivre 'IISA' to Belgium!  We are over the moon for having you in our showteam for the year to come!  We hope to make your mommy extremely proud and hope to promote your beauty all over Europe!

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on May 31, 2013

Op zoek naar een gouden mandje

Onze kleine pup Las Vegas is op zoek naar zijn 'forever home". Aarzel niets ons te contacteren als u denkt het perfecte gezin voor hem te zijn

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on May 27, 2013

Vice Junior World Winner 2013

Our team was present at this years World Dogshow held in Budapest, Hungary! What a nice organisation of the show!  It was so nice to meet friends from all over the world and our team didn't do so bad at all.

We got second place in a very strong junior male class with Keep Amused De Costalina 'Aqua'.  For the italian part of our showteam we presented their intermediate boy Yoshi and we got first and second place in the intermediate class with young boys Yoshi and Tino. (breed judge Mr Muntean)

In the border collie ring , kathleen had the honour again to show young boy Lowlands of Lys KT Diamond, and they did it! They won a huge and strong Intermediate class under judge Jeff Luscott (UK).

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on May 18, 2013

Best of Breed at MONACO dogshow

For many years in a row Team De Costalina/ Daydream Believers did it again!!!  Yet another CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed!  This year it was little Kandyno de Costalina 'Tino' who got the honour under respectable judge Mrs Mach (Swiss)

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on May 12, 2013

Marseille International Dogshow

Super news from Marseille International dogshow. Little Kandyno de costalina 'Tino' took 1ex Intermediate class, CAC, CACIB and BEST of BREED with Judge Mr Condo (It).

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on May 9, 2013

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