Comeback Pojke with Belgian championship title

This weekend it was the first show of our little magic boy after being ill!  Little boy did perfect with Kathleen at the International Dogshow of Mechelen (Belgium).  He took CAC and CACIB and now finished his belgian championship! We are so happy!!
Little Keep Amused de Costalina 'Aqua' took BOB puppy again in his last puppy show! 

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Aug 22, 2012

Brive International dogshow RBIG and RBIG junior

On 12th of August our team was present at the 53th International Dogshow of Brive de Gaillarde in France.
Papillon judge that day was Mrs Estru Lydie(Fr).  Kandyone de costalina 'Tino' won BOB junior and BOB.  Our japanese guest Ch.Grace JP wonderfull Boy (owner Mrs Matsuzaki Chieko) won CAC and CACIB.
In the mainring little 11 months old Tino won RBIG Junior and evven RBIG of Toy group! (junior judge: Mrs Larive J  Toy group judge: Mrs Galofre Moragas A) .
In pomeranian ring AC Dynasty Continuator took CAC-RCACIB and BOS under judge M. Delente J-L(Fr)

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Aug 12, 2012

Olle new Champion

Olle is back from Black Sea Winner .Connection Siljans Masterpiece is now Bulgarian, Turkish, Ukrain, Balkan Champion. And he has got his Crufts Qualifcation Ticket!  

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Jul 29, 2012

Super Win with young papillons

Today team De Costalina went to a very nice typicall french show.  The enjoyed the day and are so thankfull for the warm welcome the french judges are giving them in their new home country.  They came home with some breathtaking results with the youngest de costalina papillons.

It was little bitch Keep Going de Costalina 'Charlotte' first show.  Just like her brother ' Aqua' two weeks ago she went BOB Puppy and Puppy BIS-3.

Second time in junior class at the age of 10 months little Pojken son Kandyno de Costalina 'Tino' was BOB junior and took his first BOB.  But that wasnt enough for this gorgeous boy. Later in the mainring he also was RBIS Junior .... and even more amazing he took BIG and went all the way to BIS-3 all breeds!  

We want to think todays judges for thinking so highly of our youngsters!

Breed judge was Mr Violet.  Mr Escoffier judges Junior BIS, Mr Medard-Ringuet judged the toy group and Mrs Desserne was in charge for the BIS.

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Jul 14, 2012

Tino BOB junior and Crufts Qualified @Championnat de France Metz

It was first time out in Junior Class and our little Tino took BOB junior and won the Crufts Ticket. In the Junior Best in show our sable boy got shortlisted with the final 6!

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Jul 14, 2012

Tsukasa BOB at Championnat de France Metz

It was the first show with our Japanese guest Japan Ch Grace JP Wonderful Boy  'Tsukasa' and he did great at the championnat de France in Metz. He took the very important  championship point, cacib, Crufts Ticket and BOB.

In the mainring he even got selected with the best 6.   Congrats to these super results ;)

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Jul 14, 2012

Marylinn at Championnat de France taking CACS and CACIB and Crufts Qualified

Our young pomeranian Girl AC Dynasty Continuator 'Marylinn' got the CACS-CACIB and went BOS at the Championnat de France in Metz.  Marylinn was handled to perfection by Bjorn Erling Loken from Norway!  With this win she also deserved her Crufts Ticket for 2013!  We are waiting for pictures to share with you

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Jul 14, 2012

Genk CACIB 2012

We had a super start of the new show season at Daydream Believers in Belgium.  It was Aqua's very first show ever.  He won BOB puppy and went all the way to Puppy BIS -4 in the mainring!  Our boy Connection Siljans Masterpiece 'Olle' took CAC, CACIB and BOB that same day!  We are very happy with these nice results!  Unfortunately Jens wasnt at the show to take some pictures of our Best of Breed winner but someone was as kind to give me this movie and picture made with her cell phone. Enjoy!



Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Jul 8, 2012

Aqua going to Belgium

I'm over the moon!  we have been watching this little puppy for months now.  We are very happy with the way this little boy is maturing. Now we made the decision that Keep Amused de Costalina will travel with us to belgium to train with Kathleen and Jens and to be campaigned by them.

Some pictures of our little Ricky Son:

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Jul 8, 2012

Getting in condition

We like to put lots of energy in condtioning our dogs in every way!  Best food, coat condition and of couse excercise so they are in perfect body condition.    Here are some impressions of the two aussies in the swimmingpool. 

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Jul 2, 2012

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