Ricky BOB in Mechelen Int. show

Mrs. Deridder-Onghena judges the papillons and rewarded Ricky with CC & Int. CC and BOB, in the finnals hi was by the first 6 of the Toy Group.

Posted by Jan Roosens on Sep 9, 2009

By Jove he's done it again! Ricky gets 4th CC & BOB!

CC & BOB & 3-BOG at Paignton.
The Paignton & District Fanciers Association held its annual prestigious
Championship Dog Show in Exeter. Top dogs from the local area went head to
head against other leading dogs from the length and breadth of the country
and beyond, to win a Champion title. A total of 112 papillons were shown for
Mr. P. Taylor of the UK. He awarded Ricky his fourth UK CC and chose him as
Best of Breed. In Group judgment Mrs. Brenda Taylor had a strong selection
of entries. She selected Ricky as 3rd in Group. In four UK show entries
Ricky has earned a CC on each show and gone Best of Breed. Our hearty thanks
for the judgments of Mr. P. Taylor and Mrs. B. Taylor.

Posted by Jan Roosens on Aug 11, 2009

Ricky's 40th CACIB's

Mr. Spruyt D. awarded Ricky's 40th CACIB at International Golden Lead Show
in Liege.
Hi won over 50 CAC's, 3 CC's in UK and many in the States and Canada.

Posted by Jan Roosens on Aug 2, 2009

Hurrah, that's the ticket!

Ricky becomes a UK Champion, thousands of top dogs converged on Windsor as the Windsor Dog Show Society held its annual Championship Dog Show at Home Park.All were hopeful of gaining a coveted Champion title. Ricky tickled the fancy of breed judge Mrs. R. Morgan to become Best of Breed and was further rewarded later in the day with a BIG 3 from Mr. Dr. A.G. Schemel. This was the third CC in a row for Ricky in England. He has placed BOB, BIG 1 and now BIG 3 in these English appearances. With this win he also gained the elite status of UK Champion. The show was spectacular with the surrounding landscape, buildings and general atmosphere that combine to make a very special place. Windsor Castle located close by to the show caught Ricky's eye, perhaps hewas thinking of dropping in for a visit?

(Photos by OUR DOGS Newspaper


Posted by Jan Roosens on Jul 6, 2009

Ricky BIS @ Int. All Breed in Genk!

The Dream Continues!

The dream continues as Ricky showed to perfection at 29st Grote Prijs van Limburg held in Genk Belgium.
Ricky won his fourth F.C.I. Best in Show there following his other B.I.S.results in Luxembourg, Charleroi and Paris.
Under the appreciative eye of breed judge Mr. Istvan Csik from Hungary, Ricky was selected as Best of Breed.
Mr. Csik was also the judge for Group and he maintained his assessment for this outstanding dog by selecting him
Best in Group. The icing on the cake was applied by Mr. E. Deutscher from Austria when he picked Ricky as Best in Show.

Ricky had lots of kisses for my after the win and looks very much
like the Top Winning Papillon in Europe.

Posted by Jan Roosens on Jun 29, 2009

Sweety New French Champion!

Belgian & Monaco & Inter. Ch Siljans Ooh La La won the third CC needed to become French Champion.
Mlle Mignon Sylvie from France awarded Sweety with the CAC in International Dog Show at Besançon.
Handling and grooming by Mme Lydie Cappelmans & Leen Verhelst, thanks!

Posted by Jan Roosens on Jun 22, 2009


Ricky becomes la crème de la crème,
Best in Show at Championnat de France in Paris!

On Saturday Mrs. Bouillon Gabrielle (FR) awarded Ricky Int. CC (BOS), BOB. Later in the afternoon at the Toy Group finals Mr. Oliveira Rui (PT) make him BIG-1. Sunday Mr. Tabo Giabatta (It) make him Best in Show over 6500 dogs! With this victory Ricky has possibly become Europe ’s most successful Papillon in history.

Posted by Jan Roosens on Jun 15, 2009

Manne new french champion in Paris

At the most important show in France, Manne (Ch. Siljans My Man)
won the CC point needed to become French Champion.

Mrs. Bouillon Gabrielle Judge hem with the next commentary: Bonne tête & listée, Bon implantions des oreilles,
bien frangées. Bon pigmentation, bon tenture, bon avant train, bon AR et bon attache de fouet, ex. mouvement.
Excellent présentation. 1 Excellent, Classe ouverte, CAC, RCACIB, French Champion

Posted by Jan Roosens on Jun 15, 2009

New San Marino Champion!

Sunday 24th of may Goldfinger the
costalina has become San Marino Champion!
Breed judge was Sonia Pagani
from Italy, Goldy was Exc. 1st, cac, cacib, bob.
In the afternoon group judge was Robert Brummel from Austria,
and he sortlisted Goldy in the first 6 dogs...

Posted by Jan Roosens on Jun 15, 2009

Second CC for Ricky in the UK!

The weather at the Southern Counties Canine Association show was cold and rainy. But the competition was hot with a total entry of 131 Papillons.
From an entry in open class Ricky won his class and then was selected as Best Male earning his second CC in the UK. The breed was judged by Mrs. Carolyn Roe and she later selected him as BOB against the competition of BOS winner Temelora Forest Nymph JW of Mesdames Morrell & Teague.
In the main ring Mr. Bill Browne-Cole judged the Toy Group but Ricky was not his cup of tea and was not selected to compete for BIS.
The warmth of meeting and chatting with friends and meeting new ones also helped to chase away the gloomy weather. Ricky and I look forward to meeting with you again when we compete for the final CC needed for a UK championship.

Posted by Jan Roosens on Jun 8, 2009