TINO new ITALIAN champion

Finally we were able to travel to Italy ourselves to finish the Italian champion title on our special boy Multi Ch.Kandyno De Costalina 'TINO'.  Kathleen flew to Genova to enter 3 out of the 4 shows held in Genova shows and could not come home with better news! Tino won 3 times BEST OF BREED!  one time at the National show Albanga, one time at the Special Premiera Raduno of the companion dog club of Italy and one time at the International dogshow of Genova.
Also adding a BIS-3 and of course the much wanted ITALIAN championship title to Tino's gorgeous palmares!

Thank you to the judges of the weekend Mrs Griffa, Mrs Solekyj and Mrs Bottussi for thinking so highly of our redhead boy!


Posted by Kathleen Roosens on May 15, 2016

BOB and New Monaco Champion

We had our annual appointment at the International dogshow of Monaco!  This year we entered a whole crew as it was a specialty show in Montecarlo.
Let's go from young to old!  Youngest boy Daydream Believers Oh Beating Like a JungleDrum 'JUNGLE' won BOB minor puppy. Junior male L'Amour Avec Toi De Costallina 'GIORGIO' won 1 ex junior class , BOB Junior and is new Monaco Junior Champion. 9 months old Milbu Odrija For Daydream Believers 'ODRIJA' won 1 ex junior class BOS Junior and is also new Monaco Junior champion.  Our multi ch. BIS Winner Keep Amused De Costalina 'AQUA' won 1 ex in open class +2.5kg  with cacs and rcacib and is now officially new MONACO champion.  Biggest winner was our 18 months young boy J'aime le Paso Doble De costalina 'POPEYE' owned by Mrs Virginie Poulen who won open class males -2.5kg with cacs, Cacib and BEST OF BREED.

It was the first time that we entered Breeding group and TEAM DE COSTALINA ended RBIS breeders group!!!

Perhaps the most pretty moment was when Aqua was shown to perfect by Vilte from Lithuania who won a well deserved BIS Junior handler and will represent monaco at Crufts 2017 Junior handling!


Pour on our crew!!!!

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on May 8, 2016

Odrija BIS PUPPY, King TOY GROUP Antwerp International dogshow

Are we awake? Can someone pinch us?
PERFECT day at the International Antwerp dogshow (Belgium).  Today we entered 3 of our papillons. Multi Ch.Daydream Believers Lion King 'KING',  Milbu Odrija For Daydream Believers 'ODRIJA' and Daydream Believers Now Remember My Name 'FAME'.    We couldn't have wished for any better results!
King won another CAC/CACIB/BOB and in main ring showed off his gorgeous movement again and won a strong TOY GROUP!  Odrija won BOB puppy and was wagging her tail to a BIS PUPPY in a big line up of all breeds puppies!  Fame at the very young age of 15 months, entered for the first time in adult class won CAC/CACIB/BOS !!!!



Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Apr 26, 2016

BIS Minor Puppy for Jungle, BIS-3 for KING, AQUA NEW GERMAN CH.

Simply Fantastic weekend in Langerwehe (Germany), can't use a better word to describe!
This weekend Kathleen went with her showcrew to the Toy Club Specialty in Langerwehe! 
On saturday breed juge was Mrs Heather Cox (Ireland): Jungle won BOB minor Puppy and showed his little ass off all the way to convincing BIS Minor puppy! Aqua got CAC in open class and became reserve best male only beaten by King winning champion class with CAC , taking BOB and later on going for BIS-3!  It was the first time out for LUNA and she got rewarded with JCAC and BOB Junior!


Second day went quite similar.  BOB minor puppy and RBIS minor puppy for Jungle.  This time boys were in different classes, Aqua taking CAC from champion class and King taking CAC in open class with best male and BOB.  And Luna won JCAC and BOB Junior again!  Judge for today was Mrs Runderkamp (Netherlands)

After winning his first points at bundessieger and international show Dortmund our multi Ch. Keep Amused De costallina completed his 9th champion title this week!  TIME TO CELEBRATE!


Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Apr 24, 2016

Tino Reserve BEST IN SHOW Limoges

Amazing dat at the International Dogshow of Limoges in France with another BOB puppy for 8.5 months old L'Amour Avec Toi De Costalina 'GIORGIO' and an amazing result for our Multi Ch.Kandyno De Costalina 'TINO' who took CACIB/BOB and won TOY GROUP and ended the day in style with a RESERVE BEST IN SHOW. Thank you to the judges Mr Chapiro (Fr) and Mrs Vanaken (Be) for seeing this quality in our boy!

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Apr 10, 2016

Tino RBIG Angers

Fantastic show at Angers International dogshow in France where young boy L'amour Avec Toi De Costalina 'GIORGIO' took BOB puppy and BIS PUPPY!

Multi Ch.Kandyno De costalina 'TINO' won best of breed again this time with RBIG.

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Apr 7, 2016

TINO BOB at Toulouse and Montlucon dogshows

Our Multi Ch.Kandyno De Costalina 'TINO' keeps doing a great job in France with best of breeds at both Toulouse and Montlucon dogshows!

The young boy L'Amour Avec Toi De Costalina 'GIORGIO' takes BOB puppy!

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Feb 29, 2016

King taking BIG-3 Flanders Dogshow

Last but for sure not least, the angel of my heart Multi Ch, Multi BISS Winner, Multi Group winner Daydream Believers Lion King 'KING' got another 1 ex in Champion class with CAC/CACIB and BEST OF BREED. Breed judge was Mrs Rooney (Ireland). In a very strong Toy Group he got a GROUP 3 under toy specialist Mrs Degryze (Belgiium). All this today at the lovely Flanders International Dogshow Gent with an overall entry of 2000 dogs.

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Feb 21, 2016

Odrija BIS puppy - 3

Our 7 months old girl Milbu Odrija For Daydream Believers 'ODRIJA' sure made us happy and smile again today! At the Flanders International Dogshow Gent Miss Odrija got 1 very promising, BOB Puppy and in a huge Puppy mainring (over 35 puppies all breeds) she got BIS Puppy - 3!!!  Big thanks to breed judge Mrs Rooney (Ireland) and BIS judge Mrs Rooney (Ireland) for liking this goofy happy girl so much!


Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Feb 21, 2016

JUNGLE BOB Minor Puppy

First time in the ring four our youngest boy Daydream Believers Oh Beating Like a JungleDrum 'JUNGLE' at the Flanders International Dogshow Gent. He took 1 very promising and Best of Breed Minor Puppy at the tender age of 3.5 months under breed judge Mrs Rooney (Ireland). But most important as you can see in the picture our little boy had lots of fun in the ring and was showing his little cute ass off! Looks like he is going to be a fabulous mover like daddy King!  Jens and I are for sure happy and excited breeders today!

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Feb 21, 2016