Aqua Best Junior in Eindhoven

This weekend Aqua competed for the second time in junior class in the Netherlands. He got his second Junior CAC.  He is now officially candidate for the dutch championship title... one more point to go.  Thank you to judge Mrs Muldoon (Ireland)

Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Feb 4, 2013

RBIS BABY for Hawaii

Finally it was the moment for Hawaii's very first dogshow! We took her today to the Dogshow in Genk (Belgium) She became BOB Baby with judge Mrs Degrijze and later on in mainring she went all the way for Reserve Best in Show Baby all breeds!  This makes us extremely happy as all papillon owners know this is not easy for a 4 months old papillon bitch baby who just started to loose babycoat.  What made us even more happy was the way she was going into the ring, not fearing a thing, happy playfull papillon all the time and showing like a pro!  thank you sweet princess hawaii!


Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Jan 13, 2013

Paris Dogshow

There is no stopping little Tino!  Today Jan and Paulette travelled to gorgeous Paris!  It was the first time for Tino in Intermediate class! And what a way to start. He obtained CAC and CACIB under judge Mme Méry.  WELL DONE!

Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Jan 13, 2013

Bordeaux Dogshow

Today Tino did it again! he was Best of Breed, winning it from out of Junior class at the dogshow in Bordeaux (France)

Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Jan 5, 2013

Happy 2013

Geplaatst door Jens Goessens op Jan 1, 2013


Team The Costalina - Daydream believers is wishing everyone a merry christmas.  For this special occasion Jens did a little photoshoot with our 3 months old baby Hawaii Dream de Costalina 'HAWAII'.  She was like a little x-mass angel... posing like a professional model!!!

Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Dec 15, 2012

Waiting for the M&M Litter

The countdown has begun for the M&M litter (Manne and Missy).  We are expecting the puppies around X-mass:

Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Dec 12, 2012

TINO @ Brussels Doghow

At this years Brussels Dogshow our little tino did super. He took BOB Junior and went all the way to BIS Junior 3 all breeds.  The ring was double filled with a lot of stunning juniors. So we are very happy that judes Mrs Degryze and Mr Stefanescu recognize our beautifull boy!

Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Dec 9, 2012

Leuven International dogshow

We had a very succesfull day at the international dogshow of Leuven (belgium)

In the papillon ring Mr Blümel (AT) awarded both Keep Going de Costalina 'Charlotte' and Keep Amused de Costalina 'Aqua' with 1ex and he gave Aqua BOB Junior.
In the Australian shepherd ring Mrs Melchior (Lux) gave Mangry's Left The Shock 'Bansi' 1ex, CAC/CACIB , Best Female and BOB.  Later in the group judgements she even put Bansi 4th in Group

Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Oct 27, 2012

RBIS JUNIOR AND BIG-3 at International dogshow Poitiers (France)

Can it get any better! Just arrived home again with wonderfull results.  At the International dogshow of Poitiers both our boys did super! Breed judge was Mr Sallet (France). He awarded pojke with cac/cacib and BOB. And he awarded Tino with Best junior of breed.

Later on in the mainring Mrs Mery (Fr) gave BIG-3 to Pojke

Mr Thevenon (Fr) judged the juniors and gave Best Junior in Group to Tino and afterwards even RBIS Junior


Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Oct 21, 2012