Handling Workshop

Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Apr 12, 2012

BIS Brussels Dogshow 2011

Did I allready share this gorgeous picture of Pojke with our visitors?

Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Apr 6, 2012

Luxembourg CACIB Spring 2012

This weekend I drove to Luxembourg with our little boy Siljans Truly Yours 'Pojke' to meet my father for the show.  As many of you might now, he recently moved to France.  Some days before I went to pick up pojke at Christine Sonbergs house after their trip to Norway.  Special thanks to Christine for her super care of our little magic boy!  She admitted he had stolen her heart as well.  My father also brougt Pojke's little son Tino in Puppy Class and their Pomeranian bitch AC Dynasty Continuator in Intermediate class. As he knows how I love poms, he asked me to handle her again as I'm used to her.  She did very well winning that intermediate class and getting RCACIB after a very nice champion bitch.  In Papillon ring, Tino took BOB puppy and later on he even got shortlisted for BIS Puppy.  Pojke took the CAC and CACIB and got BOB.


Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Apr 3, 2012

Viyo Top Dog Award 2011

As Kennel De Costalina and Daydream Believers are one family, my father asked us to represent him at the Viyo Top Dog Awards.  His Champion Connection I know Nothing 'Noah' was invited to the awards because was best dog in Toy Group 2011.  We had a very lovely evening amongst other dogfriends from other groups, we had a lovely diner and a nice photoshoot for the National Press.  Of course we hope to attend this show again next year, as this mean you have come home with nice results afther the CAC and CACIB shows.




Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Mar 22, 2012

Pojke RBIS Flanders Dogshow

Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Mar 14, 2012

Hinkepi De Costalina BISS @ PPCH

Papillon & Phalene Club Nederland:
Hinkipi de Costalina won his Open Class with 1 Excellent, Best Male & Best Of Breed.
Finnaly he was Best In Show of the Clubmatch (BISS), judge was  J.M. Bijlsma Scholtz from the Netherlands.
Thanks to Nathalie Janssen "Kennel De la Maille Dunes" for loving, conditioning and handling this boy!

Geplaatst door Jan Roosens op Mar 5, 2012

Sky age 13 months

We made some new pictures and wanted to share how our little boy looks like at the age of 13 months

Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Feb 19, 2012

Genk CAC Show

This weekend Bansi competed at the beautiful Genk CAC Show. Breed judge of the day was Mrs Kipp (Lux).  She chose Bansi as best junior bitch out of a class of 5 young girls. She even made Bansi BOB junior!  In the mainring Mr Kipp (Lux) took Bansi in his BIS Junior shortlist and gave her the 4th place.  Once again so happy about her performance.


Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Feb 15, 2012

Snow Fun

After a soft winter so far... Snow finally arrived in Belgium. And it was Sky's first time playing in snow ;)  Enjoy!


Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Feb 6, 2012

BIG3 Moeskroen CACIB

At the International Dog Show Moescron (Belgium) Pojken (Ch Siljans Trouly Yours) won CAC, CACIB & BOB  under judge Mr. Deschuymere, later in the mainring he also won Best of Belgian Breeds in Show and Mr. Heinesche (LUX) placed him on 3rd place of the Toygroup.
Pojken was handled by his favourite girl.
Thanks to honourable judges

Geplaatst door Jan Roosens op Feb 2, 2012