Sky photomodel

Yesterday at the CACIB dogshow in Genk , we met a team of english photographers who were busy making some new pictures of breeds for an update of their ALL breed  encyclopedia.  They took some standing, sitting, head and profile pictures of our magic boy.  The photographer was so happy with our boy as he was doing so super in the studio!  And she liked the pictures a lot!!!! Eventhough he is only 6 months old.  Now all we need is patience for the book to be published. We keep you updated of course! 

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What a wonderfull day, it started with raindrops this morning and a bad morning temper but ended with sunshine and big smile. Sky became Best Of Breed Baby under honourable judge Mrs Van Brempt.  Every show his performance in the ring is getting better. In the mainring Mrs Vermeire awarded our little boy with Reserve Best In Show Baby. It wasn't so easy to take a good picture as the only thing sky wanted to do on stage was to go fool around with the photographers toys.   This week starting traning for his first appearance in puppy class.


Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Jun 25, 2011

Noah 1-BIG & 3-BIS at Lommel National all Breed Show

On 12 june 2011 Noah won at Lommel's  National All Breed Show the CC & BOB under  judge Mr. Heinesche Laurant (Lux)
Later in the finnals Noah (Multi Ch. & BIG winner Connection I Know Nothing won under same judge the Group.
In the Best in Show competition Noah was 3-BIS under Mrs. Reniers Rita (B).

Geplaatst door Jan Roosens op Jun 12, 2011

Sky Best of Breed Baby at Lommel CAC Show

Today we went to the CAC show in Lommel (Belgium). Sky's first real dogshow.   Mrs Melchior from Luxembourg awarded sky with Best of breed Baby.   And gave us the ticket for the mainring.  All breedgroups were judged on one day, so all breeds were represented in the mainring. Unfortunately Sky didn't got shortlisted. Never the less he showed super in the mainring.  All the noise of microfone, boxes, audience... sky didn't care and showed us he is a future showdog.  We are looking forward to the next show to see how he will be evoluating.




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Sky Swimming

Geplaatst door Jens Goessens op May 29, 2011

Noah new Swedish champion

29.05.2011 at Swedish international show “ Stockholm Kennelclubb
Vallentuna Flygfält” Multi Ch & BIG winner Connection I know Nothing won under
Judge Mrs. Dagmar Klein from Romania CAC-CACIB-BOB of an entry of 49 Papillons.
Noah was well handled by breeder Vesa Toivanen, with this win Noah is also Swedish Champion.
Thanks to honorable judge Mrs. Klein and Vesa for handling Noah so well

Geplaatst door Jan Roosens op May 29, 2011

Sky playing with our little ones!

Geplaatst door Jens Goessens op May 17, 2011

Noah group win and 3-BIS at Pontoise Int. Dog Show

At International championship show in Pontoise, France 15.05.2011  we took Noah en Pojken to a Speciale de Race of the French Epagneul nain Continental and Russian Toys. Mrs. Mary was the expert to give the point you need to become French champion. Noah (Ch. Connection I know Nothing) won the CAC in plus 2,5kg and the CACIB, Pojken (Ch. Siljans Truly Yours) won the CAC in -2,5kg and the RCACIB.
Later in the finnals Noah won the group and became 3-BIS.
Thanks to honnarable judges ...

Geplaatst door Jan Roosens op May 16, 2011

4th year TOP Papillon in Belgium for the Costalina Team

In 2010 we won with our team and "Ch Siljans Tri Connection" the Eukanuba ranking as Best Show Dog in Toy Group.
We showed Mickey just a couple months bifor hi  go to Tailand and hi won some nice result as 1 & 2 BIG wins and reserv.CC at Crufts. The team won this ranking now 7 times in 10 years!

This smashing little butterfly is charming showrings with Surak and  Ponkrit in Thailand.  They are owners of world famous Expana showteam and have won shows around the globe with their super quality yorkies
Now this very professional team is writing papillon history in Thailand !


Geplaatst door Jan Roosens op May 4, 2011