Hinkepi De Costalina BISS @ PPCH

Papillon & Phalene Club Nederland:
Hinkipi de Costalina won his Open Class with 1 Excellent, Best Male & Best Of Breed.
Finnaly he was Best In Show of the Clubmatch (BISS), judge was  J.M. Bijlsma Scholtz from the Netherlands.
Thanks to Nathalie Janssen "Kennel De la Maille Dunes" for loving, conditioning and handling this boy!

Geplaatst door Jan Roosens op Mar 5, 2012

Sky age 13 months

We made some new pictures and wanted to share how our little boy looks like at the age of 13 months

Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Feb 19, 2012

Genk CAC Show

This weekend Bansi competed at the beautiful Genk CAC Show. Breed judge of the day was Mrs Kipp (Lux).  She chose Bansi as best junior bitch out of a class of 5 young girls. She even made Bansi BOB junior!  In the mainring Mr Kipp (Lux) took Bansi in his BIS Junior shortlist and gave her the 4th place.  Once again so happy about her performance.


Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Feb 15, 2012

Snow Fun

After a soft winter so far... Snow finally arrived in Belgium. And it was Sky's first time playing in snow ;)  Enjoy!


Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Feb 6, 2012

BIG3 Moeskroen CACIB

At the International Dog Show Moescron (Belgium) Pojken (Ch Siljans Trouly Yours) won CAC, CACIB & BOB  under judge Mr. Deschuymere, later in the mainring he also won Best of Belgian Breeds in Show and Mr. Heinesche (LUX) placed him on 3rd place of the Toygroup.
Pojken was handled by his favourite girl.
Thanks to honourable judges

Geplaatst door Jan Roosens op Feb 2, 2012

Smashing young boy

Nordic Junior Winner/CC winner/BOB winner Connection Siljans Masterpiece "Olle" is now @ the Costalina Team lets hope we can make a nice star and have lots of fun with this smashing young boy. Thanks Ulla & Vesa to let us love and pamper "Olle".

Geplaatst door Jan Roosens op Jan 12, 2012

RBIG Hoogstraten

After his wonderfull success at Brussels Dogshow, our little magic boy did it again.
He won BOB (J-F Van Aken) and even went Res. Best In Group under judge Jo Schepers (NL).
We can only hope he can keep this nice results further in 2012.



Geplaatst door Jan Roosens op Jan 8, 2012

Best In Show Junior

After welcoming her at our home,  We introduced Bansi at the belgian show this weekend! What an amazing start we had. She was showing so nicely for us, acting like a combination between a diva and a princess.  She won Best of Breed Junior (judge Norman Deschuymere).  Later on she shined a like a blue diamond in the mainring. On her first show with us she went for Best in Show Junior. (judge Mr Piet Roosenboom).  Our little girl made us so proud.

Also a big congratulation to Naja and Toke (Illumineer Aussies) and Co-owner Bitta Wöhliche with their Best of Breed with Leading Angel's Esteemed Thornapple 'Travis'.

Marko... we hope we made you a super proud breeder and co-owner this weekend with your little girl



Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Jan 8, 2012

Our new puppies!

Breeders are always happy and proud to present their young blood to the public. I'm so excited to show you our hopefully little future stars. I'm thrilled to have these little ones in my house and I'm preparing them for the showring. 'Keep Amused' and 'Keep Going' de Costalina:


Geplaatst door Jan Roosens op Jan 6, 2012

Welcome Bansi

We are so happy and proud to annonce the arrival of our new blue female.  Mangry's Left The Shock 'BANSI' will be joining our family! Together with this event we also say big welcome to her breeder Marko.  You now also become part of our dogfamily! We are honored to work with you!  It was clear from the start we share the same vision and have the same ambition. And I'm sure together we will get to these high goals.

The first time we saw bansi pictures we allready liked this pretty girl! We would never have imagined her coming to live with us! The next few years we will work hard to promote her all over Europe. Allready after one week, we feel the connection with her!  We can hardly wait to go in the ring.



Geplaatst door Kathleen Roosens op Dec 20, 2011

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