Onze Crufts Winners




Our team has been doing a nice job on the must pretigious show in the world: CRUFTS
During the years we have had several CC winners, BOS winners, BOB winner, Group placing and most important Crufts Group winner 2009 and Crufts BEST IN SHOW 2019


Multi ch.Planet Waves Forever Young Daydream Believers 'DYLAN'




RCC Crufts 2023 for Mch. Uppercut Daydream Believers with Feorlig 'GIO'


Mch. Preamier League Daydream Believers 'SIMON'


Multi Ch. Queenbless JP Royal Connection 'RICKY'





Comments of the judges:

Mrs. J. Banfield, Breed Judge:

"What a strong class this was.
With only 5 placing there were so many quality dogs that had to leave the ring cardless .
My ultimate class winners were:
Roosens & Abeloos-Devos’s Queen Bless JP Royal Connection.
This dog entered the ring and filled it with his showmanship and quality.
He caught my eye immediately with his overall outline and I was not disappointed when going over him.
He was a joy to go over, he was dainty with a good body, had well laid shoulders, good pigmentation,
and an exquisite headpiece with correctly placed well fringed ears. Lovely dark eye and well carried tail.
He completed the picture with good reach of neck and level topline.
He moved so soundly both coming and going.
He was presented to perfection and I was delighted to award him CC and BOB.
I was further delighted to see him win the Toy Group where he continued to show tirelessly.
An exhibit to be proud of and a great representative of our lovely breed."

Mr. Mather, Toy Group Judge:

"It was a real pleasure and a great honour to be invited to
judge the Toy Group at Crufts. I thought it was one of the
strongest Toy Groups I´ve judged”. “For the top spot I
chose the Papillon, Jan Roosens and Mrs. Abeloos-Devos,
Queen Bless JP Royal Connection. A very typey and soundly
made dog who never put a foot wrong. Slightly rounded
skull with large, well placed and heavily fringed ears.
Good forehand with long shapely feet. Well bodied with firm
topline and good loin. High set and well carried tail.
His precise, light action was really the icing on the cake and
this coupled with his keen, attentive attitude which his clever
handler made full use of earned him his place.” 








Some of our other Crufts Winners:

2x Bitch CC and 2x Best of Breed Crufts 2006 and 2007 :  Multi Ch. Connection Tri Symphony

Also taking Best In Group 4 at Crufts 2006 :


Winning Dog CC at Crufts 2007: Multi Ch. Siljans My Man 'MANNE':


Ch Get up and Go de costalina won the Bitch CC at Crufts 2010:


Ch Siljans Tri Connection 'MICKEY' won the RCC at Crufts 2010


Multi ch.Siljans Truly Yours 'POJKE' RCC Crufts 2014


Multi ch. Siljans Truly Yours 'POJKE' CC, New English Champion and BEST OF BREED Crufts 2015


Milbu Odrija For Daydream Believers winner of Yearling Bitch Crufts '17 and Knine De Costalina winner of open bitch Crufts '17


Planet Waves Forever Young Daydream Believers 'Dylan' winning Yearling dog and R DCC Crufts 2018

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